Membrane Bio Reactor - MBR

Membrane Bio Reactor

Product Description

Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) is a combination of two basic processes i.e. biological degradation and membrane separation in to a single process where suspended solids and microorganisms responsible for biodegradation are separated from the treated water by membrane filtration unit.

Filtration based on UF or MF membranes is key for solid liquid seperation in MBR process. The Concentration of biomass is maintained very high in MBR systems. due to high MLSS the process reaction time is considerably low and optimum. Usually filtration is carried out by two different methods which defines the types of MBR process i.e. Side stream MBR and submerged MBR.

Both types of MBR's have their unique advantages and sparkle can offer both types of MBR configurations. The systems configurations are chosen by considering the customer requirements and waster characteristics.

The MBR system is considered as most effiecient and modern wastewater treatment technology and known for various advantages over other treatment processes

  • Compact design with smallest footprint. MBR process involves higher MLSS hence reaction tank is 75 % smaller than conventional extended aeration process tank.
  • Less treatment units required. Low space requirement
  • Treated water quality after MBR is excellent as it is directly filtered through ultra filtration or microfiltration membranes.
  • No separate tertiary treatment required.
  • Rate of sludge generation is normally lesser as compared to conventional system.
  • BOD values of treated water is very low and hence waste water can be reused easily.
  • Negligible (almost zero) sludge production
  • Rapid Startup
  • Modular/ Retrofit , system can be enhanced for capacity expansion easily.