Oil Seperation

As a special treatment for oil removal from oil rich effluent additional equipment are employed.

The conventional treatment like coagulation / flocculation becomes the primary treatment for oil rich effluent.

TPI / CPI , followed by IGF / Dissolved Air Flotation are installed to treat emulsified oil. The above water is then treated in a Walnut shell filter which reduces the oil content effluent to around 10ppm.

Ultrafiltration is the final / polishing treatment given to the above treated effluent. The elaborated treatment as above enables the water / effluent to be the standard for the injection.


Oil Skimmer

An oil skimmer is a device that separates free and floating type oil from wastewater/ effluent. A common application is removing oil floating on water. Oil skimmers are different from oil water separators and the primary intension of skimmer is to skim-off the oil layer which is separated by phase separation process which is similar to oil water separators.

The skimming units are broadly available in two types i.e. Manual skimmers and mechanical skimmers. The manual skimmers are generally available in SS 304, CI or MS EP construction MOC or can be customized as per requirement in civil - RCC.

Mechanical oil skimmers are units attached with various form of skimming unit like Belt type, Tube type, Rotating Disc type, Funnel type, slotted pipe type, floating suction type, and drum type etc. The type of skimmer is selected as per adequate application and type of oil.