No natural resource on Earth is more vital for survival than clean water

Sparkle Clean Tech was founded on the idea that it is important for consumers around the world to have sustainable access to affordable clean water. The company provides solutions and technological innovations to achieve drinking water and recycled water, at affordable prices, to its clients and is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with its customers. At Sparkle, our goal is to improve the customers’ profitability by improving the quality of water and the production while striving constantly to offer the best competitive operating costs.

Sparkle Clean Tech provides design consultation, pilot plant trials, equipment sales and after sales services to its customers to optimize the water resources available for both, potable and recycling purposes .

Sparkle aims to conserve and optimally utilize water resources, both as a challenge with its clients and as a social responsibility. Sparkle encourages an open flow of communication, so that scientists around the world can come together and address the serious problem the world is facing : Water….

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Business Overview

Sparkle has within a short period grown into one of Asia’s fastest growing water treatment companies. Having completed more than 750 projects within 9 years Sparkle has now as clientele in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

Sparkle has introduced new technologies in water treatment, Oil & Gas produce water as well as other waste waters to save more than 6.76 Billion Gallons of water annually.

Sparkle possesses exclusive specialization in Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Water Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants for Industrial and Oil & Gas Sectors.

  • Deep Bed Filtration
  • Membrane Filtration (Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration and Reverse Osmosis)
  • ION Exchange
  • ASP, Attached Growth Process and MBR
  • Oil Separation and removal (IG, DAF, NSF and UF)

With a team of highly skilled professionals and the above technologies, Sparkle can solve some of the toughest challenges for the following sectors.

  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Government
  • Hospitality

Manufacturing Overview

Sparkle Clean Tech has established a modern manufacturing, testing and research facility at Sajgaon Khopoli, which is easily accessible by road on the Mumbai - Pune Expressway and by train near the Khopoli station.

The factory is located on a 14-acre plot with continuous supply of electricity and water with ultra-modern manufacturing systems:

The factory has in house testing Laboratory, R&D Centre as well as a fully integrated manufacturing plant to supply high quality products to the clients at the shortest time using effective methods for efficient production. The facility has been built under the guidance of experienced management with very high standards.

Mission, Vision & Values



Excellence is the Water Filtration Technology



India’s Largest Water Filtration Company -
A cost effective quality corporation that stands behind our
Technology and Integrity. We offer the best quality water filtration
for the money our clients spend, and we back our supreme technology
with a distinct mindset of exceptional service and satisfaction.



Integrity - What we do and what we say are one.
Honesty - Truthfulness in our products and services.

Ethical Business


Customer satisfaction - Understanding our client’s needs.
Clients - To save their Money & Time.
Innovation - Finding new solutions for problems.
Execution - Completing Projects on time.