Corrugated Plate Interceptor(CPI)

Corrugated Plate Interceptor(CPI)

Product Description

The CPI(corrugated plate interceptor) oil separators are predominantly used in separation of free oil & suspended solids from produced or oily wastewater. CPIs are used to remove free and floating type of oils. It works on basic principle of difference in gravity between the phases (liquid – liquid or solid – liquid). CPI Oil Separators enable high efficiency gravity separation with corrugated plates, providing excellent treatability with a high flow rate. The simple structure makes it possible to reduce the construction cost and facilitates maintenance.

The CPI oil-water separator series are designed to create the optimal circumstances for easy separation of the oil and water. The installed corrugated lamella plate packs creates a large effective surface area, creating a high separation area. The separated oil is collected with a skimmer pipe and can be discharged with a pump or gravity.

The corrugated plates are arranged with short void space or plate pack media. It is used for providing high oil-water separation efficiency due to narrow passage. This also helps to arrest the floating solids to travel up words and settles it down which is removed from bottom drain. The plate packs used are of inert MOC to avoid corrosion.

Compared to the PPI (Parallel Plate Interceptor), the CPI Oil Separator requires small footprint which is about 30-35% lesser than conventional PPI. Other advantages include the low capital cost, simple structure and facilitative maintenance.