We have supplied our special tailor‐made effluent treatment unit to leading textile products manufacturing, garment manufacturing company, primarily involved in manufacturing and exporting knitted garments.


The primary source of effluent was through the washing unit where in various type of washes are provided to textile products for its conditioning and in finishing stages. The effluent generated involves, high temperature, parting colour, fibers, and also biological waste coming out of enzyme washes. The city where this unit is located in south India is known for textile manufacturing business and is facing various problems due to generation of effluents from industrial zone. The local government had applied strict rules to control the liquid pollution and as part of it is mandatory to treat the effluent in‐house to all manufacturing units and reuse the treated water for process.

Solution Offered

Being a special kind of effluent the effluent treatment unit was provided considering each specific effluent parameter. The product offered is considering the clients specific requirements like, Compactness, fast delivery, effective and modern technology, product quality is to meet reuse norms for textile unit and assured consistent quality.

Sparkle offered its Product UF membrane based systems  with addition of primary treatment which had been very effective to meet clients all requirements.

As a primary step the effluent was cooled in the underground tank before treatment to bring down the temperature.

The Product offered was consisting of primary screening filters of modern disk type filters to trap the incoming fibres coming out of knitted garments. The next unit is providing physic‐ chemical treatment to settle the inorganic impurities.

The biological treatment with attached growth media reactor was provided to biologically treat the effluent and to reduce Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand and Chemical Oxygen Demand from the effluent. The biologically treated effluent is passed through Sparkle Ultra Filtration system which is producing the treated effluent which is being reused again in the process for textile washing unit.

Result Achieved

Waste Water Solutions
  • The quality of effluent not only meets the pollution boards norms but the it is almost free of all pollution parameters ( Bio Chemical Oxygen Demand less than 5 mg/l) and Total Suspended Solid nil. The treated water is colourless and odourless
  • The compact unit with auto operation does not requires manual intervention
  • The compact unit with auto operation does not require manual intervention and providing the trouble free solution to our client

Benefits to client

Waste Water Treatment
  • The compact unit which occupied a very small space on terrace of the textile unit
  • Auto operation and does not requires specially trained skilled operators to operate the unit
  • Consistent quality of treated effluent which is being reused