Residential complex, commercial & institutional buildings and infrastructure development projects needs to install the sewage treatment units for treatment of sewage generating in a complex. Sparkle’s proprietary UF membrane technology based package treatment units are functioning at various locations to produce reusable treated sewage which is being reused for various purpose. It helps to reduce the fresh water requirement.


The requirement of the modern buildings regarding the sewage treatment units is requires with smallest possible footprint, suitable to fit in locations such as basement, parking slot which generally has height restrictions, requires no odour or noise problems. The sewage treatment plant is desired to provide highest degree of treatment to sewage so that it can be reused at various applications such as gardening, flushing, car washing etc.

Solution Offered

Sparkle offer customized package sewage treatment plants. The prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant units provide solution to small and medium capacity flow requirements. The prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant is available in configurations such as Mild steel tank, Mild steel tanks with anticorrosive Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic lining or tanks made up of composite material Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic.

Our package units are based on state of are treatment processes such as Aerobic Attached growth fixed film reactor (Submerged Aerated Fix Filmed process), Moving Bed Bio Reactor which uses floating type media. To achieve highest degree of treatment and where the required treated water quality is absolutely critical we provide solutions with our MBR ultrapac treatment which is based on ultra‐filtration membrane filtration process.

The treatment stages in our package systems are generally primary treatment, Anoxic process for removal of nitrogen, Biological process with fixed film or floating media, aeration with modern silent jet aerators followed by tertiary filtration. Sparkle also provides option of containerised package sewage treatment plants.

Result Achieved

Waste Water Solutions
  • The package SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT units manufactured by sparkle are delivering optimum results at various places in India
  • The treated water is suitable to meet the norms at which it can be directly reused
  • The compact unit with auto operation does not require manual intervention and providing the trouble free solution to our client

Benefits to client

Waste Water Treatment
  • Small footprint
  • Easy installation no site work required
  • Low sludge production, highest degree treatment
  • Auto operation and does not requires specially trained skilled operators to operate the unit
  • Low maintenance and easy operation
  • Low noise, no odour, no nuisance
  • Value addition service to customers
  • Consistent quality of treated effluent which is being reused
  • Short delivery time