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Inability to meet the effluent disposal standards as per pollution control board guidelines. 

Solution Offered

A treatment scheme comprising of two staged Reverse Osmosis system and a Demineralisation Plant were proposed keeping in mind the quality and source of the incoming water streams.

After passing through the micron cartridge filter the water passes through the 2 staged Reverse Osmosis system for maximum recovery (90% approx). The product water is then made to pass through the demineralisation plant in the form of a mixed bed where the trace scale forming constituents are removed. 

Result Achieved

Waste Water Solutions

The treated water is

  • Flow – 25 cum per hr
  • Colourless and Odourless
  • Turbidity < 0.1 Nephlometric Turbidity Units
  • Total Suspended Solids < 0.1 ppm
  • Total Dissolved Solids < 50 ppm

Benefits to client

Waste Water Treatment
  • High purity treated water being used to fire critical boilers
  • Reduction in freshwater intake leading to cost savings
  • Fully automatic system with zero manual intervention
  • Maximum recovery with minimal discharge
  • Reduction in scale related production losses
  • Reduction in costs related to chemicals used for scale inhibition and scale chipping
  • Small footprint