Sparkle provided the oil removal unit to oil lubricant manufacturing industry.


The proposed system is for oil water separation purpose. The oil spillage at oil filling/ transfer station/ tanker unloading section of the industry was being transferred to ETP by the effluent collection network. The high content of free oil was affecting the biological process at ETP; hence it was essential to separate this free oil at source of its generation before it gets mixed with other industrial effluents.

Solution Offered

Our oil water separation unit consists of plate pack constructed of closely spaced corrugated plates which are inclined at a 55° angle or more.

The waste water flows through these plated either parallel to the corrugations in "counter‐current flow" or at right angles to the corrugations in "cross flow"

Under laminar flow conditions, the short distance between the inclined plates is now the only distance over which the pollutants have to rise or sink before they are intercepted and separated from the mother fluid.

The separated layer of free oil is being skimmed off by mechanical skimmers mounted on top of unit. The removed oil is separately collected out in drums and being safely disposed off. The separated water is free from oil and the oil content is below 2 ppm is now sent to ETP for further treatment.

Result Achieved

Waste Water Solutions

The installation of this unit is provided removal of oil at source and hence the ETP process is improved

Benefits to client

Waste Water Treatment
  • Effective removal of the free oil
  • Oil recovery
  • Improved quality in ETP treatment