Sparkle Clean Tech Pvt Ltd. have designed, supplied, commissioned 400 KLD Effluent Treatment using membrane Bio Reactor and reverse osmosis process for malt processing industry.


  • To produce ultrafine reusable treated water from primary treated effluent generated during production at malt industry.
  • To design system with modern technology for higher accuracy and minimal manual intervention.
  • To provide assured quality and quantity of treated water.

Solution Offered

Considering clients requirement of high degree of treated water quality considering reuse of treated water for secondary production applications the Submerged Membrane Bio Reactor process technology was selected. The advantage of submerged MBR process is that it not only produces high quality treated effluent but also protects post treatment unit of reverse osmosis membranes from impurities such as TSS, and organic matter.

The submerged membranes used were manufactured in USA and successfully installed and commissioned by Sparkle. Final stage treatment was carried out using RO for elimination of TDS from wastewater. The treatment steps summarized are as below:

  • Primary Treatment-Screening, Equalization, Chemical Dosing, Primary Clarification
  • Biological Treatment with UASB ( Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket), followed by Aerobic Bio Reactor based on MBR process
  • Filtration using submerged membranes
  • Reverse Osmosis process

Result Achieved

Waste Water Solutions

The product water after MBR

  • Free from organic pollutants
  • Free from suspended soilds
  • Turbidity < 0.1 NTU
  • 98% reduction in BOD

The product water after Reverse Osmosis

  • Free from colour
  • Recovery 80 %
  • TDS less than 150 mg/l

Benefits to client

Waste Water Treatment
  • Restricts pollution and saves environment.
  • High purity treated water being used for various applications
  • Reduction in freshwater intake leading to cost savings
  • Fully automatic system with minimum manual intervention
  • Maximum recovery with minimal discharge
  • Small footprint saved area is used for other utilities
  • Low/ minimum sludge production
  • No foul smell/ odour